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Fat and Skinny Catering are a cheerful Melbourne catering team making grouse food for grouse people. For over 10 years, laughing, dancing and cooking have been the soul of our lives. We would be delighted to make catering easy for you and create a feast that has you relishing in the joy of sharing delicious food.

We will come to you with everything we need to take care of your guests – lots of delicious food, awesome staff, beautiful serving-ware and all the gear needed to make a pearler of a party. 

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more food, more fun,

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, Fat and Skinny is the Melbourne catering team to help you out. We can take over your kitchen at home to create party food to knock your guests socks off, or bring food to your chosen venue to cook wedding food to fuel your guests for hours of dancing and frivolity. If you need food for work, we’ve got you covered too.


getting married?

Wedding catering in bars, breweries, backyards, homes, halls, warehouses and gardens– we’re all about more food, more people, more fun, more everything. We love the ❤️ as much as we love the food.

having a party?

There’s nothing less fun than not enjoying your own party because you’re stuck in the kitchen slaving away. Fat and Skinny are like having a couple of mates in your kitchen, so you can kick back and party on.




We’ll make organising your celebration easy and stress free. We promise that the food will be incredible and your guests will leave full and satisfied, with big smiles on their faces. We love a good party and will do everything to ensure yours is a cracker.

We love catering for all kinds of celebrations and events across Melbourne. Whether it’s a wonderful wedding, milestone birthday or corporate function we’ve got menus that are chock-a-block full of great tasting food that your guests will be talking about in years to come.

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want some more info?

If this is the first time you have used a caterer, then you’re in good hands. Ask as many questions as you like - it’s easy for us to nip your worries in the bud. We’ve cooked up hundreds of weddings and parties, and could happily chew the fat about it until the cows come home. 


who? what?
where? how? when?

Where do you cook? What's it cost? What's included?  Will there be enough? Can I make changes? How do I book? The answers to all the frequently asked questions are here. 

need some new party tricks?

Need to set up a bar? Press below. Poopin' your pants with nerves? Press below. Need a wicked espresso martini recipe? Press below. Don't know where to start? Press below. 


Any questions?


Give us a hoy if you have any questions or would like some more info, and we'll get back to you lickety-split. We will use all our powers (and mad skills) to make sure your celebration is delicious, stress-free and most importantly, fun.  We'd be tickled pink to hear from you.

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