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For fabulous event catering in Melbourne, Fat and Skinny’s most popular menus area a great place to start.

We make proper tasty handmade real food, cooked to perfection and served by the happiest party makers in town. Simple yet interesting food that's big on flavour. Like the party your throwing, our food is generous and our people having a ball.

No matter what kind of function you need catering for, Fat and Skinny have menus to suit – not a boring frozen party pie in sight. Our catering menus are fresh, flavourful and abundant. We promise that nobody’s going to need a Maccas run on the way home!

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stand up and celebrate


Fat and Skinny offers a delicious range of party catering options cooked fresh and especially for you. We are specialists in unique ‘stand-up party food’ - you can talk, eat AND hold your wine without dropping the conversation or stuff on yourself. We create clever servings of mouth-watering mini meals, mini burgers & sliders, fabulous finger food, grazing platters and dessert pots that will satisfy every hungry dude in the room. 

 Food Catering In Melbourne
 Burger food catering in Melbourne

Lots of beautiful food that your people can enjoy without the hassle of seating plans. Your guests can mix, mingle and nibble - all at the same time. Plus, everyone's going to be full as a goog after Fat and Skinny have forked & talked them.

 Toastie food catering
 Gluten Free Food Catering
 Spring Roll Catering Food in Melbourne
 bowl food catering in Melbourne

We want your guests to love the food that you have chosen to serve, and feel full up to pussy's bow. All our dishes are prepared fresh with herbs, fruit and flowers from our kitchen garden, meat and poultry from our fabulous butcher, seasonal vegetables, and plenty of love. It’s like having a few good mates in the kitchen just sorting it all out for you.

 brewery wedding food catering
 Dessert Food Catering

Want a rip-snorting party filled with love, big laughing, raucous dancing and lots of fabulous food?  We'd be delighted to serve up all the deliciousness you can handle. 



TAKE A SEAT and feast

Don't want chicken or beef, chicken or beef? Sit down and share a delicious hearty feast.  Served on abundant platters, there is enough for everyone to have more of everything.

 banquet catering melbourne
 wedding banquet catering Melbourne
 Salad Buffet Catering Melbourne
 Roast Vegetable Buffet Catering Melbourne
 Buffet Catering Table Melbourne
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I can’t say enough special things about the team behind Fat and Skinny - they are truly remarkable. I searched high and low for the ‘perfect’ caterer for our wedding who would deliver the experience that would translate our love of food onto a plate.
— Keri Li
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extra bits and bobs

All of our menus can be mixed and matched to suit you. And to make life even easier, you are welcome to add on these options.  Just let us know and we'll sort it out for you. 


bar staff


We are happy to provide smiling bar staff to look after your drinks. All staff have a responsible drinking of alcohol certificate and are guns at pouring a drink.

We also have a handy dandy bar checklist for you (or your minions) to set-up a self serve or manned bar. Checklist Here

kids meals


To make it super easy for you to cater for the littlies, we can warm up party pies, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets with sauce for a small fee. We know its not a balanced meal, but it is easier for everyone if they are fed food they're likely to eat with the minimum of fuss. 



how can fat and skinny help you?

Fat and Skinny have dished up glorious food at wonderful weddings, beautiful birthdays, enchanting engagements and a myriad of interesting and extraordinary events. Our reward is being around your joy. In being surrounded by so much happiness, we are happy. 


getting married?


having a party?

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If this is the first time you have used a caterer, then you’re in good hands. Ask as many questions as you like - it’s easy for us to nip your worries in the bud. We’ve cooked up hundreds of weddings and parties, and could chew the fat about it until the cows come home. 


who? what?
where? how? when?

Where do you cook? What's it cost? What's included?  Will there be enough? Can I make changes? How do I book? The answers to all the frequently asked questions are here. 

need some new party tricks?

Need to set up a bar? Press below. Poopin' your pants with nerves? Press below. Need a wicked espresso martini recipe? Press below. Don't know where to start? Press below. 


we'd be tickled pink to hear from you

Please say hello if you have any questions or would like a quick quote, and we'll get back to you lickety-split.  We will do everything within our powers and mad skills to make your shindig delicious, stress-free and most importantly, fun.

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