espresso martini - the king of cocktail catering

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An espresso martini is a sure fire way to add oomph to your night. It is also an easy-peasy offering for cocktail catering.


TIP 1:

I like to make mine in advance in 700ml jars (clean passata jars are marvellous). To make cocktail catering fuss-free, I store the made up jars in the freezer up to a week in advance ready to be shaken over ice and served. The mix doesn’t freeze due to the high alcohol content but does become perfectly cold. 1 jar makes about 6-8 martinis depending on your serving size. I also use jars to shake my martinis as I can do many at once.


TIP 2: PLEASE DO NOT USE INSTANT COFFEE (unless you like the taste of sawdust with an anchovy waved over it)


TIP 3: Vanilla and coffee are wonderful friends. Please omit if you can’t bothered, but I love the depth and richness a touch of proper vanilla can make - particularly if you’re using stove top coffee as your base which can sometimes be bitter. Vanilla essence is not vanilla – vanilla bean is queen or vanilla paste is an acceptable alternative.


To make approx. 10 Espresso Martinis, you’ll need


400 ml Espresso coffee

400 ml Kahlua

400 ml Vodka

½ Vanilla Pod, seeds scraped or 1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste

2 x 700 ml jars



Make 400mls of coffee and place 200ml into each jar. Allow to cool.

Add 200ml of Kahlua to each jar.

Add 200ml of Vodka to each jar.

Add vanilla.


Screw lid on and store in freezer.


On the night:

Remove as many jars from the freezer as you want to serve. Fill a cocktail shaker or spare jar 2/3 full with ice. Cover with espresso martini. Shake. Shake. Shake.

Pour into serving glasses using the jar lid or cocktail strainer to prevent ice from plopping in.

Serve. Drink. Get loaded.


We are happy to provide smiling people to staff your bar. All our bar staff have a responsible serving of alcohol certificate and are guns at pouring a drink. Bar staff are charged at $46 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.



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