how to avoid slime, eye injuries and accidental at your party

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There’s a lot to consider when organising a shin dig. Here are a few small things that can make a big difference to the comfort level of your party.

Give your house a spring clean a week before the party then go for ‘the illusion of clean’. People actually live in your home and it’s OK for it to look like that. A once over in the dunny, make the beds, tidy flat surfaces, a 5 minute ‘put your crap away’ session and make it smell nice. The day of the party is not the day to sort through 15 year old magazine subscriptions, or wash the windows or pressure spray the driveway – no one will be able to tell!

Pop some liquid hand wash in the bathroom. Please don’t use a cake of soap to be shared amongst all of your dudes – it gets slimy and creeps people out.  A candle is nice too.

Consider adding a lock to the loo door. One hundred people needing to pee is one hundred chances of being busted with your daks down.

 Let the neighbours know (or invite them – if you don’t know them well then they won’t stay for long and you’ve scored an ally when your party is pumping at 1am)

 Have some bottle openers. I carry half a dozen in my kit as they appear to be a rare as hen’s teeth. Whilst most wine bottles are screw top these days, fancy beer requires an opening device. I’m presuming your mates are not into opening beverages with their eye sockets or smashing the lid off on the bench. Clever tricks, but not particularly classy.

 Unlock the front door. As the party gets louder and busier it will become harder to hear the doorbell. It is far more welcoming to let your guests just enter than have them wait or come around the back and its stops you needing to interrupt conversation to dash maniacally down the hall. Also, its unlikely you’ll get robbed when your nearest and dearest are there to protect you.

 Get some help. Get rid of any task that stops the fun. Give yourself the opportunity to relish in the pleasure of being with the people you love. The best parties I have been to are the ones where everyone (including you) is wholeheartedly engaged with having fun. I’m happy to help. We have an uncanny knack with food served by awesome dudes, and bar staff that are guns at pouring a drink. We really are your sisters in the kitchen sorting everything out so you can carry on having fun.


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