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party food catering

be the life of your party

There’s nothing less fun than not enjoying your own party because you’re stuck in the kitchen slaving away. But, that’s what Fat and Skinny are here for! We’re the Melbourne party caterers who are like having a couple of mates in the kitchen, so you can spend time with your guests and party on yourself.

Fat and Skinny are specialists in ‘stand-up party food’ so you can talk, eat AND hold your wine without dropping the conversation or food all down your front.

Our Melbourne party catering service offers a delicious range of foods cooked fresh and especially for you. There’s no hidden boxes of boring and beige frozen foods hiding in our menu. We create elegant servings of mouth-watering mini meals, beautiful burgers and fabulous finger food to satisfy even the hungriest person in the room.

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Melbourne Party Catering

let's make a party in your mouth

Fat and Skinny’s interesting and tasty party catering will knock your socks off. There are no mass produced yellow food or dodgy shortcuts. We make all our of our tasty offerings from in small batches just for you. Our dishes are prepared fresh with herbs, fruit and flowers from our kitchen garden, meat and poultry from our fabulous butcher, seasonal vegetables and plenty of love.

No matter where in Melbourne you choose to hold your party, we’ll come to you and make party catering easy. We will bring lots of fresh beautiful food, all serving and cooking equipment, a cook on site and wait staff. All of this is included in our service- just like having friends in the kitchen making sure everything is just the way you want it. All we require is some bench space, a sink and an oven. Plus, when we leave, your kitchen will be sparkly clean.

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party catering Melbourne

party catering Melbourne


Kick Back And Have Fun

Our favourite part of our job is you. We serve really tasty, beautiful food so that you, your mum, sister or best mate aren’t stuck in the kitchen all night. We make food you love to eat, presented in a way you may never have time to do yourself. Through our uncanny knack for deliciousness, we get to share in your joy. Let us be your mates for the night. It’s so much easier getting us feed and water everyone than you running around like a headless chook.  We will do everything we can so that you have great whooshing fun and create a memory that makes you smirk with pleasure every time you think about it. We even do the dishes!



All of our menus can be mixed and matched to suit you. And to make life even easier, you are welcome to add on these options.  Just let us know and we'll sort it out for you. 


bar staff


We are happy to provide smiling bar staff to look after your drinks. All staff have a responsible drinking of alcohol certificate and are guns at pouring a drink.

We also have a handy dandy bar checklist for you (or your minions) to set-up a self serve or manned bar. Checklist Here

kids meals

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Let us know which option suits best and how many kidlets there are, and we'll make sure they have something to eat. 

Either 1/2 price for anyone under 12, or we'll heat party pies, sausage rolls and nuggets for a small fee. Easy peasy.

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More Food, Less Mess.
More Fun, Less Stress.

There’s a lot to consider when organising a shin dig. The best parties we've been to, are the ones where everyone (including you) is wholeheartedly engaged in having fun. Don't worry if you've never organised party catering- we’ve cooked up hundreds of parties and events and will happily answer every question you have.


Frequently asked questions?

Where do you cook? What's it cost? What's included?  Will there be enough? Can I make changes? How do I book? The answers to all the frequently asked questions are here. 

need some new party tricks?

Need to set up a bar? Press below. Poopin' your pants with nerves? Press below. Need a wicked espresso martini recipe? Press below. Don't know where to start? Press below. 


come say g'day

We’d love to chat with you about your party. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would some more info, and we’ll get back to you quick as a flash.

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