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We get it. You cop a fair bit o’ flack about vegan food - puns, jokes, the side eye. But we think you’re rad. Any choices you make that brings more health and kindness into the world is always a good thing. Plus it’s not our business to question why anyone chooses to eat the food they do, as long as they have enough to eat and that it is delicious.

We’ve cooked up a storm for several vegan weddings and have loved the ingenuity required to design a menu that has everyone drooling, no one is left hungry and no animal is harmed. We make make proper, tasty handmade vegan food, (and loads of it) freshly cooked just for you and served by the happiest party makers in town.

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 vegan finger food

stand up and celebrate

Unique vegan finger food dinner menus that let you talk, eat AND hold your wine without dropping the conversation or stuff on yourself. Clever servings of mouth watering vegan finger food, dinner pots and mini burgers. Our vegan catering menus are fresh, flavourful and abundant that will leave no man hungry.

vegan burger catering
vegan finger food
vegan finger food. catering

Lots of beautiful food that your guests will enjoy without the hassle of seating plans. Your people can mix, mingle and munch - all at the same time. Plus we promised everyone will be chockers full once we have forked and talked them.

vegan grazing platters
catering vegan food

Want a rip-snorting party filled with love, big laughing, raucous dancing and lots of fabulous vegan food?  We'd be delighted to serve up all the deliciousness you can handle. 

 vegan wedding catering

sit down and feast

Share a feast with your loved ones with NO whinging. Delicious, hearty vegan catering that looks, smells and taste like pleasure. Abundant platters of beautiful, substantial food with enough to have more of everything. Which you’ll so want to do. #partyinyourmouth

vegan wedding catering

Gathering around good food with good people is one of the happiest things you can do in life. A celebration of all that is good in the world. Share in our love of grouse food for grouse people. Your people will go quiet as they tuck into your fresh fabulous vegan wedding catering.

vegan friendly catering
vegan salad
vegan buffet catering

Have a look at the menu here. It’s so much more than lettuce between two unbuttered pieces of bread.

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Went to my cousins wedding at Mountain Goat brewery and Fat and Skinny Catering did all the food. I’ve been to a lot of weddings in my time and it was by far the best wedding food I’ve I’ve had. Some of the tastiest food I’ve eaten ever. 100% would recommend. Great stuff guys
— Sam W


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All of our menus can be mixed and matched to suit you. And to make life even easier, you are welcome to add on these options.  Just let us know and we'll sort it out for you. 


vegan bar catering

We are happy to provide smiling bar staff to look after your drinks. All staff have a responsible drinking of alcohol certificate and are guns at pouring a drink.

We also have a handy dandy bar checklist for you (or your minions) to set-up a self serve or manned bar. Checklist Here


funny kids

To make it super easy for you to cater for the littlies, we can warm up vegan sausage rolls and veggie nuggets with sauce for a small fee. We know its not a balanced meal, but it is easier for everyone if they are fed food they're likely to eat with the minimum of fuss. 


If this is the first time you have used a caterer, then you’re in good hands. Ask as many questions as you like - it’s easy for us to nip your worries in the bud. We’ve cooked up hundreds of weddings and parties, and could talk about it until the fat lady sings.

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